Film Synopsis

Donning swastikas and brown shirts, or long white robes and hoods, the attendees of a white supremacist rally are without a doubt a disquieting and memorable sight. Coated with heavy symbolism that pierces deep into the darkest shadows of America's racial history, Klan members, neo-Nazis, and other right wing extremists are easily passed off by most as simply members of a 'hate group.' But in order to combat the existence of these organizations, we must first understand them. How do members of these groups acquire their beliefs? How does the white supremacist movement exist now, in a country where it is considered by many to be a relic of the past? And what are its goals for the future?

On the other side of the coin, what is it like to be a victim of violence perpetrated by this movement? Or what is it like to attempt to infiltrate or monitor right wing extremism, despite the dangers?

The film Revealing Hate will attempt to answer some of these questions, through telling the stories of those who have prosecuted, photographed, protested, infiltrated, and even participated in these organizations. Each individual's story, told separately in a vignette style, will shed more light on these philosophies that continue to run deep within the fringes of our society.


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About the Filmmaker

Mariah Wilson: Producer/Director

For over ten years Mariah Wilson has worked on various documentary TV shows for channels like National Geographic (Doomsday Preppers, Lockdown), A&E (Intervention), Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, PBS, Cooking Channel, History Channel, Travel Channel, and The Weather Channel. She has also produced content for VICE Media and The Smithsonian Institution.

In 2009 she completed her first feature-length documentary REVEALING HATE about the white supremacist movement in America. REVEALING HATE has aired on PBS, LINK TV, and Russia Today. It was distributed by Cactus Three Films and Indiepix.

In 2011 she completed VOLUNTEER, about eco-volunteering trips in Costa Rica, Fiji, and Uganda. VOLUNTEER is currently playing at festivals around the country, and is being distributed by Optimum Television.


Benjamin Zimbric has been a cinematographer and producer in New York City for the past five years. He has recently finished up shooting on his first feature film, 'Synapse,' which is slated to begin its festival and theater run. He has also shot countless music videos, short films, reality shows, news events, live events and industrial videos.

Benjamin began working on Revealing Hate in 2004 and has been the director of photography on all major shoots. He also served as the film's technical producer.


Nels is a freelance film editor in New York City who has worked on the award-winning "War Child," (Audience Award at Tribeca 2008, IDA ABC News/VideoSource Award ) and "Out in the Silence" (funded through Sundance Doc Institute and featured at Silverdocs 2009. He co-produced and edited Cine Manifest (Mill Valley Film Festival)


Founded in 2003 by Julie Goldman, Krysanne Katsoolis and Caroline Stevens, Cactus Three offers a combination of both production and co-production expertise, creatively developing projects as well as securing both funding and distribution. Among the most notable feature documentaries produced by Cactus Three are Easy Riders Raging Bulls, Crazy Sexy Cancer, Doubletime, Black Sun, Three of Hearts, Sketches of Frank Gehry, Punk: Attitude, Cat Dancers, Once in a Lifetime, What Remains and Lewis Lapham's The American Ruling Class. Cactus Three is also responsible for such hit series as HBO's Family Bonds and the Sundance Channel's Office Tigers.